About Air Rescue

The Air Desk

The air desk will be the hub of our operation. Being a multi use asset, the demand for our service can be requested by multiple agencies across multiple islands. Keeping track and prioritising the use of our aircraft will be the job of the air desk team.

During daylight hours the desk will be manned by full time staff who will respond to immediate requests and schedule those flights that are not time critical.

During the night an on call launch manager will be on duty and will take the details of the tasking, alert the in flight crew and call in any specialist team members if required as well as alerting the on call landing safety team if the aircraft will be landing off airfield in any of the islands.

The air desk will be manned at all times when the aircraft is flying and is the primary contact for the aircrew for details and changes to tasking.

We will be looking for a a number of volunteers to assist the air desk team during office hours.