About Air Rescue

Our Team

Operating this service will require a wide range of staff and volunteers. We will be advertising for staff to join the team shortly, but there are some other elements of the project we need to complete first, such as which island will the operation base be in.


Flight Crew:
The pilots and engineers will be supplied by the our helicopter operating partner. This enables us the greatest resilience as the company will not only recruit and train the dedicated staff for our operation, but they also have backup crew and engineers should the need arise. This also means there will be minimal delay when we decided to go live, as a temporary crew are available at very short notice.  From a day to day point of view the crew are part of the wider team and will still be expected to buy everyone cakes on their birthdays!

Medical Crew:
A great deal of research and work is going into how we crew the service from a medical point of view. It is likely we will have a paramedic led service. This will mean HEMS calls to the smaller islands will have a Paramedic on board and for medical transfers they will be joined by an appropriate specialist, usually an Anaesthetist. When not flying, the Paramedic will be available to which ever island we are based in to assist the Ambulance Service in a rapid response vehicle. We also aim to have a roster of volunteers who can assist the paramedic or carry out specialist roles such as winching in due course.

Landing Safety Team:
Each island will have an ‘on duty’ landing safety team. These will be volunteers who are called in when the helicopter lands off airfield. The duty team leader will have a blue light safety vehicle which will clear the site ahead of use, deploy landing lights and wind direction indicators as well as assist the crew once on the ground.

Charity Staff:
The charity will require a range of day to day staff to cover aspects such as operations and the air desk, patient liaison, fundraising, marketing and finance.

Trustees and advisors:
We are in the process of recruiting trustees and advisors. We already have a number of advisors locally and on the mainland and have selected a number of trustees. We are aware that there are many who have trodden this path before us in the UK and have a vast range of experience we can benefit from.