Ready 24/7 for Islanders in need

Your support will help fund this new lifeline service here in the Channel Islands

Multi role helicopter

Almost a year of planning has gone into designing this service and looking at how we can maximise the use and thus the benefits to the islands.



With advanced night vision and a low visibility rating, Air Rescue will be able to pickup and transport any patient across the Channel Islands, providing inter island transport or transfer to the UK for advanced treatment 24 hours a day…


Being discharged following critical surgery is often the start of stressful, exhausting and long journey back to the islands. We aim to offer a reliable, stress free and respectful journey from close to the hospital back to the islands.
Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

With the ability to winch a patient up, or lower crew down, as well as advanced infra-red cameras Air Rescue will be a valuable addition to our coastal waters, available 24/7 for Jersey and Guernsey Coastguard to deploy within minutes…
Aerial Fire Fighting

Aerial Fire Fighting

Fitted with the capability to load a ‘Bambi Bucket’, Air Rescue One will be able to load over 1000 litres of water from the sea into a suspended ‘bucket’ and drop onto a furze fire, greatly enhancing the capabilities of the islands fire services…

Discover what’s possible when our Islands pull together.

This will be a true pan island charity. A service supported by the public of the Channel Islands for the people of the Channel Islands. The support and can do attitude from all the islands governments is unlike anything we have experienced previously. There is a real sense that this service is needed and it’s needed now.
Join the Air Rescue Crew
Flight crew
Helicopter pilots and first officers wanted with previous HEMS, SAR or Police operational experience.
Passionate, experienced fundraisers who can support us in running this lifeline service.
Medical team
We have full, part time and voluntary roles for doctors, nurses, paramedics and technicians.
A range of volunteering opportunities across all islands for landing safety crew, fundraising and medical team.

We are not alone!

Thanks to the following for their support with this project so far.